Area Pirata Records

Area Pirata Records was born in 2001 immediately tended to Garage, R'n'R, without missing HC-Punk and Oi! too.
We care about reissue of old records no more available or unissued as well as new records recorded from bands on activities with an attitude alike ours.
We tought and we still think that our attitude and determination could be a factor to help those real underground scenes not depending strictly on the kind of music!

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Smalltown Tigers - Five Things - LP
The 8-song Five Things is a powerful mix of punk rock roots and glam attitude. If you shake '76 Ramones and 78' B52's and pour them in Joan Jett's rock'n'roll glass before she was sucked up by the limelight, then you'll have just an idea
€ 15.00
Area Pirata Records
AA VV - Last White XMas - DCD
Entirely remastered from the original tapes . The inside 36-page booklet covers a presentation by Chris BCT, interviews with the main players of the time and unpublished photos! GDHC
€ 15.00
Area Pirata Records
Baby Jesus - Words of Hate LP
Baby Jesus is the sound you want to hear when walking in to a rock club. This four piece band originating from Halmstad, Sweden, has managed to channel raw energy through an analogue tape recorder into a mash of rock, psych, surf, garage and punk.
€ 15.00
The Strange Flowers - Songs for Imaginary Movies - LP
Songs for Imaginary Movies is a very fresh and elegant release that brings the band back to its visionary, either psychedelic or psychedelic-pop, roots, with moods ranging from darkness to light, from colors to black & white.
€ 15.00
Golden Shower - Dildo Party CD digipack
Dirtier than ever, more rock'n'roll than ever, the boys slaughter as usual any genre that comes in their hands, be it punk or blues, garage-rock or rhythm and blues. Thirteen blasting dance songs taking you straight into the more exciting Party
€ 10.00
AAVV - Rock These Ancient Ruins - Mamma Roma's Kids LP
The best of the city's bands from the past 40 years on a new compilation.
On the album are TAXI , precursors to Giuda,ALIENI, FEROX, PLUTONIUM BABY, BLOOD '77, IDOL LIPS, MAD ROLLERS, psychobillies CYCLONE and WENDY?! and more.....
€ 15.00
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