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OUT IN STYLE - Letters Never Sent
'Letters Never Sent is an album which took years for me to pick my favorite lyrics and build a story about it. It is extremely personal and emotional and it also features the best of each band member, showing how the band is more mature year after ..
€ 10.00
CD - Skatepunk/Melodic HC
Curt Cannabis began preforming and producing many years ago, after fronting multiple bands from Wolfgang to From Adam. He has produced songs for the likes of garage bands with their rough sounds all the way to praised, Grammy winning artists....
€ 10.00
CD - Pop Punk/Rock
about:blank - Anthology Of A Cave
This album is the beginning of a road that brings us to experiment a new sound, new subjects and a new genre trying to create consistency with these features of the music.
"Anthology of a cave" will be a psycological album having as main subject...
€ 10.00
CD - Progressive Rock
“Far From Over” is the debut Ep of Following The Signs released via Too Loud Records, it is the follow up to their 2017 self titled demo, From the beginning it’s highly noticeable how the bands style and sound have grown in a short time with Songs...
€ 10.00
CD - Metalcore
DEAD POLLYS - Strummerland
"Strummerland" is Dead Pollys third release and second album. The band have changed tone a bit for every album and the journey has taken them to where it all started, in Camden, London with Joe Strummer and The Clash. The title track is all about....
€ 10.00
CD - Punk Rock
French punk rockers Penny Was Right are proud to announce that their debut album “Dumb & Wild” will be released on 30 March 2018 via Too Loud Records worldwide and on 25 April 2018 in Japan via Disk Union Distribution.
“Dumb & Wild” was recorded...
€ 10.00
CD - Punk Rock
OUT IN STYLE - Broken Dreams
“Since the beginning the whole idea of the band was to make songs that we enjoy listening to, along with the most sincere lyrics, telling people stories about things that really happened to our lives or based on books, films, video games and stuff..
€ 10.00
CD - Skatepunk/Melodic HC
MY DINOSAUR LIFE - Young Survivors
Too Loud Records is proud to announce the release dates of My Dinosaur Life “Young Survivors” EP, recorded early this year at TITANS LAB Recording Studio with the production of Riccardo Daga.
My Dinosaur Life is a five-piece band hailing from...
€ 10.00
CD - Alternative Rock/Pop Punk
FANKAZ - Seities
“Seities” is the third album, the most direct and concrete, the more introspective and personal, where the hardcore / punk is prevalent and is used to catalyze the emotions of this work. Seities, as the essences of individuals.
€ 15.00
Digipack CD - Skatepunk/HC
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