A container to help groups and online shops to manage their merch.

In the Do It Yourself ethics.

DOITYOURSHOP It is a big container completely free: you will be managing orders and requests and keeping in touch with customers


Hobophobic - Certe Situazioni - Ventesimo Anniversario


Destinazione Finale - In Bilico Nel Reale

LP Single Sided Clear

Automatica Aggregazione - #2


Mesecina - Mesecina


Loscos' Brigade / 5MDR / Shameless / Zona D'Ombra - 4 Fulmini


what is it for

The DOITYOURSHOP platform helps you create an online showcase for your band or store merch.Often the bands struggle to propose their merch: managing the sale independently they will be able to reach more people and propose their own music.

Are you a band/Are you a shop?

Send your request to be included in the platform;
we will verify some data and send you the credentials to open your page.

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